Who is the Service for?

Women, Men, Youth, Seniors, anyone.

Sushmi’s background and experience will be especially helpful to those going through Transitions and/or those of bi- cultural backgrounds

If you are transitioning from one phase of life to the other, then Inner Qwest is for you. Or simply you are transitioning to exploring yourself inward and are on an inner quest then Inner Qwest is for you.

  1. High School to College
  2. College to Work Life
  3. Getting Married
  4. Becoming Single
  5. Loss of a friend, relative, pet
  6. Retiring
  7. Stepping into the life of an Empty Nester
  8. Stepping into the life of a Senior Citizen
  9. Moving towns for Study
  10. Moving towns for Work
  11. Caretaker to a senior citizen parent
  12.  Caretaker to a special needs’ child
  13. Find yourself saying, hearing, “I, Matter” and want to Transition to a Self you have always wanted to be.
Try before you commit

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Why choose Inner Qwest as your Journey partner?

  • As a practitioner of Creating Life Consciously, I will offer lessons from life to help create your life consciously.
  • As a CICF Life Coach, I will offer tools and techniques from the Coaching practice.
  • As an empty nester parent, I will offer ideas on what next as we enter the next phase of life.
  • As a second-generation Indian American raised in the States, I will offer insights from the lens of bi-cultural background both as a parent and a child raised in this country.
  • As a certified and practicing Yoga Instructor, I will offer Inner Qwest tools rooted in Yoga, Science and Philosophy
  • As a transitioned corporate workforce employee with over 30 + years of experience, I will share tips for management skills applied to creating life consciously
  • As a Community leader, I will offer suggestions to do community good as a tool to creating life consciously
  • As a caretaker to my senior citizen parents, I acknowledge parents can be a significant part of life
  • As a pet owner, I acknowledge that pets can be a significant part of creating life consciously.